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Ava's Bloom

Drabarni Skincare Full Range

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The Drabarni Purity Skincare range is the newest addition to the Ava's Bloom collection. This range is infused with Drabarni Healing Energy and essential oils. This energy is like no other!

It is simply amazing in the fight against aging!

My title of Drabarni has been handed down over generations, I have direct lineage evidence of my heritage. Gypsy women who heal, are Drabarni healers. A Drabarni is what modern times would call an Holistic Therapist/Healer. A Drabarni will use intuition to guide them in delivering the very best healing, this may be through energy, or guidance/coaching, or the use of oils and herbs. Often tarot are incorporated to assist in the process.

Being a Drabarni cannot be bought or tought in a school, it is an honor to be handed the skills and knowledge from generation to generation of Romani Gypsy women. My family heritage is that of a Romani Gypsy, something which my Grampy (grandfather) was ashamed of. I am not, I am proud of my roots and practicing energy healing takes me right back to where I am from.

Drabarnis are well known for their beauty and eternal youthful energy and looks - I have created a range that gives you the same ability, to remain youthful.

  • Purity Cleanse
  • Purity Serum
  • Purity Hydrate (Coq10 hydrating cream to gel, suggested for day moisturization)
  • Purity Moisture (Mango & shea butter base, suggested for nighttime)
  • Purity Mask I (Honey & Wild Oat, suggested for combination/oily skin)
  • Purity Mask II (Hylauronic acid to plump skin, suggested for dry, sensitive and/or mature skin)

Begin your skin care journey today!

Shop Pay in 4 installments, or subscribe and save!  We will never charge you before you approve, we invoice for your subscription, you pay, we send you your next supply.

All products are infused with Essential Oils and Drabarni Healing Energy, they are vegan, gluten free, no phthalates or parabens.

All products* are 33%-98% organic and are handmade in Berthoud Colorado
*Purity cleanse contains organic essential oils