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Golden Rod Certified Organic Essential Oil

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Goldenrod essential oil is steam distilled from the flowers, leaves, and stems of the plant, and with the key constituent alpha-pinene, this essential oil has an array of benefits. Use it to support the appearance of healthy-looking skin and to create a calming and relaxing environment when diffused or inhaled. A flowering herb with bright yellow tops, goldenrod comes from the Asteraceae botanical family. Its scientific name, Solidago, comes from the Latin word solidare, which means “to strengthen.” The plant is most often found in North America, but some species are found in Europe as well.

Size: 5mL

Top Aromatherapy Benefits: invigorate • breathe • refresh

Aroma: Grassy, slightly-sweet, herbaceous, and earthy

Blends with:  Vetiver, and other resins

Ingredients: Solidago canadensis

Collection Method: Steam Distilled
Country of Origin: USA
Organic Essential Oils:
  • Are certified 100% pure, therapeutic grade.
  • Can be taken internally.
  • Are all-natural and free of harsh chemicals.
  • Create a spa-like aromatherapy experience.

Golden rod which is also known as the Solidago Canadensis is the botanical plant of daisy family. The essential oil is extracted from the goldenrod flowers by the process of steam distillation. It has been used for medication purposes. The term Solidago was derived from the Latin term solidare which means to make whole. The plant has leaves in alternated form with the golden flowers on the top which grows from 2 to 3 feet high. It works wonder for skin care and urinary tract infections. This plant is an inherent to Canada, USA and Mexico but some species is an inherent to the parts of Europe. Goldenrod has anti-inflammatory, carminative, antifungal, diuretic and expectorant properties which serve as cure benefits. The goldenrod serves as a tonic for the kidney and assists bacterial inflammation.

For topical application, dilute to 1-3%.


DISCLAIMER: The International Federation of Aromatherapists does not recommend that essential oils be taken internally unless under the supervision of a medical doctor who is also qualified in clinical aromatherapy. All cautions listed for individual oils do not include those cautions from ingestion.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Bottles are filled by volume. Some bottle sizes may not be filled to the top, but do contain the volume of oil specified.